Precious Family I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to take this families first photos together.  I cannot stress enough the importance of capturing your families memories in a photograph.  The fact is time and moments are our most precious commodities, they are the only things that we can never get back.  I’m so glad that the Collins family chose to capture this time in their lives and I’m thrilled that they chose me to do it.  Enjoy!!!


Natalie & Cole I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

Natalie and Cole will be getting married soon and so we went out to take some engagement shots to celebrate!!!  We had a fun time and they were such troopers.  I especially love it when a guy keeps a smile on his face and has a good time along side his girl.  The two of them make such a lovely couple and I can’t wait to shoot their beautiful fall wedding.


Cooper I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

Yes, another sweet baby!!!  He was such a doll.  I see all of these babies with the cutest head full of hair and I just melt.  I suffered 9 months or more like 27 months (9×3) with the heartburn and my babies all came out slick headed.  All that acid must have just ate their hair right off!! :-) I think that’s why I’m partial to those little cuties with the locks!!!    Autumn thank you for allowing me into your home.  Your boys are simply delightful.  I look forward to the next time.  Enjoy!!!