You Got Have Friends I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

Aren’t friends the most wonderful thing in the world?  They are the people we look to in the good times and the bad.  These three beautiful kiddos have already made that special bond, just like their mommies, and I am sure it will carry with them their whole lives.  I had a terrific time photographing these three 18 month olds.  They are each a week apart in age, so image the difficulty in getting them all in one spot at the same time.  I hope you enjoy seeing their sweet faces.


Megan & James I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

Lets face it…I am so far behind on posting it isn’t even funny.  I can’t go into full detail, but lets just say that since my internet provider was bought out by another company, blog posting has not been possible.  Take about a thorn in my side…aggravating it is!!!

On a happier note I had the opportunity of photographing such a lovely couple recently.  They met  in the eastern part of the state and are marrying there next spring. They chose to do their engagement shoot here in the home of beautiful mountains and fall trees.  I had a terrific time in the four wheel drive, pastures and fields.  Here is just a little peek….