Abigail Is One I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

This is another precious little one I have gotten to watch grow over the past year!!!  She is all smiles and might I say this girl has her cake and eats it too!!!  Happy Birthday Abigail!!!


Long Time Coming I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

This session took a few tries before actually working out!!!  Poor little guy has had a bout with the sickness and with this weather it just took a little rescheduling and working around.  I’m so glad that I was finally able to photograph little Drue again.  I have practically watched this little fella grow up and it tickles me when I get the chance to have him in front of my camera again. Here is a little peek for the evening, enjoy!!!


Happy Together I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

Don’t you just adore it when two people are in love? When they compliment each other so well? I must say that I found this to be so true about Amberlie and Stacy. They make such a lovely couple and seem so happy! Despite the cold weather we managed to get in some nice shots at their e-session. Thank you both for such a fun time and for toughing the wind right along with me. I hope you enjoy seeing a few of the photos!!!


Lucy & Linus I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

This post is especially meant for my friend Erin.  Erin and I have known each other for just a little over a year now, she is also a fellow photographer (ESC Photography).  She and I talk often about our profession, our kids and our lives.  Around Christmas time Erin was looking for a dog for her 3 year old daughter.  She had asked Santa especially for a white dog with a red bow.  How was a mommy and daddy supposed to say no to that.  This is how Charlie the Great Dane entered their lives.  Erin took pics of her daughter and Charlie all the time and I felt the drool run down my face when she shared them with me.  He was such a precious little (well not so little) guy.  He was so adorable and he had a special love for Kaegan, you could tell.

My husband had a great dane growing up named Hoover.  He said that he was the best dog and that he would love to have another one someday.  So I asked Erin about the breeder she had gotten hers from, but as it turns out, it just wasn’t meant to be, until last week that is!!!!  Erin called and said that she had a local friend that had 3 great dane puppies that she was trying to sale…so what did my good friend do? Well, she pranced herself right over to the owners house took pics of them for me and emailed them to me.  We immediately fell in love with the one blue, one brown eyed puppy.  If that wasn’t enough, my dear friend drove over an hour to meet me midway to deliver the dog.

We were already the proud owners of Linus our sweet teacup chihuahua, who is still a puppy himself…but now we were the proud owners of a Great Dane, Lucy!   Yeah, your right these two are total opposites, but you know what they say, “Opposites Attract” and they are proof of it.  Thank you so much Erin for our sweet new addition.  I’m so glad to call you my FRIEND!!! Enjoy the photos below…the first is Charlie (17 weeks), the second is our sweet twosome Linus (7 months) and Lucy (7 weeks)!!!



Gotta Love Those Lady Titans I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

I especially had a great time shooting the Lady Titans JV Basketball team. As a high school athlete myself this made me miss that time in my own life. Granted it’s a lot of hard work, countless hours of practice and endless miles of running, but the rewards and friendships you make while having so much fun is truly worth it. Some of my best friends are gals that I grew up playing ball with!!! Anyway, the Lady Titans are really on a roll this year and are at the top of their game, playing fantastic ball. Yesterday all of the teams wore pink shoes laces in honor of Relay For Life, I loved that the guys especially flaunted pink laces in their kicks! I hope you enjoy seeing some shots from the game and remember to support your local Titan activities! The fans really get them pumped up…

If you too have a special sporting event that you would like for me to capture please call me at (828)413-9440, I’d love to get in on the action!!!