Got Hitched I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

When I say that I have known this family forever, I mean it.  Although Ashley is a little younger than me, we went to elementary school together.  So she and her brothers have been friends of mine for a long time.  I photographed her brothers wedding not long ago and I was thrilled when Ashley asked me to photograph her big day.  I totally adored her “peacock” them and the sass of her wedding party.  LOVE IT!!!!  Here are a few of the details and shots from her and Marks lovely wedding.



We Can’t Forget the Boys I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

Okay so lets admit, most boys don’t really care for the camera…unless of course they are under the age of 5. As you can see Brayden hasn’t quite reached that age yet and well he was all smiles.  I love photographing those rambunctious little fellas with so much energy and I love it when mom decides to hope in a photo or two herself!!!  Happy Thursday Everyone!!!


Isn’t She Lovely I Amber Wiseman

I just love photographing those precious little girls that know how to work a camera.  I have one myself and it just tickles me when they get so giddy about having their photos made.  Gotta love it!!!!


I Am Behind I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

I have been so busy these last several weeks or months rather that this blog has fallen slightly behind.  I promise to try and do better.  Thanks to all of you who visit, it really means so much.  I’ve gotten a few emails and calls just to make sure that I am okay and haven’t fell of the face of the earth and I so appreciate that. I will leave you with photos of the dearest little fella you have ever seen, I have photographed his older brother since birth and I have been so lucky to photograph this little guy as well. Enjoy!!!


Boy Will Be Boys I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photography

There was no use in breaking this up…..can you guess who got the bloody lip? ;-)


Love Her I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

If you all don’t know how much I love this little beauty let me just tell you, “I love her!” Oh and so does my camera.  Thanks friends for allowing me to photograph your little model, she melts my heart.  I am so lucky to have the opportunity to photograph this little miss about every 6 months or so….just can’t get enough of her preciousness!!! ((Hugs))


New Ooo La La Session’s I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

What is an Ooo La La Session you might ask…well this is simply my fun name for a tasteful boudoir session. These sessions are just for woman and are a great way to embrace your body.   Whether you are celebrating a 20th wedding anniversary, just getting married,  you are an expecting mother or you simply just want to treat yourself…these sessions are a fabulous way to celebrate being a woman.
Keep in mind that these sessions can be done in your own home or even a nice hotel room. Make it fun and bring along those favorite items from the lingerie drawer. Break out the pearls, earrings and heels and have Ooo La La photo’s that you {of your man} will cherish for years to come.