Gender Reveal I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographe

My friend Erin of ESC Photography in Chester, SC had shared with me the great idea of a gender reveal session.  I knew the minute I heard about it that I would have to try to persuade my brother and sister-in-law into letting me do it when they were due for their ultrasound.  I must admit…as a mom myself, I really admired the fact that Taryn (mommy-to-be) was eager and willing to participate.  For any of you 0ut there who have desperately waited to find out the sex of your baby it is an anxious time and such a hard decision not to allow the sonogram technician to blurt out, “you’re having a ….” Instead I conned the two of them into having the office call me with the results and I would plan a big reveal for when they arrived home that afternoon. I must admit I was a little tickled that I knew what the baby would be before anyone else…perks of being the family photographer I guess ;-) .

Both sets of grandparents where there along with all the aunts and cousins.   I was so tickled when they opened the big box and discovered that they would have another little boy to add to the household!!!  They did have to let those pink balloons fly, but the thought of another little fella was so exciting.  I’m so glad that we did this…it was fun and sooo meaningful for us all.

I love you all and am so lucky to have shared in this special, special moment in your lives!!!