Danielle & Luke I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

I sat shaking my head as I was going through these maternity images and thought how is it fair that Danielle can look so great at  34 weeks pregnant…she just radiates.  There were sooo many beautiful shots to remember this special time in this couples life.

As a side note: As a photographer, I get asked all the time what should we wear for our session?  The truth is my answer is always the same for most all photo sessions, wear something comfortable for you, avoid the matchy-matchy, but don’t throw in to many different patterns. Select something that you would want to see on the walls of your living room and if you hate it just don’t put it on. For moms-to-be, I always ask them to wear something happy, comfortable and something that will make that beautiful belly stand out from the rest! I think that Danielle hit the nail on the head and did a fabulous job selecting her dress. Remember there is a baby in there and that is who we’re celebrating after all! Here are a couple of my favorites from our session!




The Bailey Family I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

I was thrilled when Amy decided she wanted to mosey this way and bring her family along for a photo session.  They came in from Anderson, SC to spend a nice weekend enjoying a photo session, visits with family and friends and some good ole’ Carolina football!!!!  Here are a few of my favorite images from our session…I hope you all enjoy!!!

I also want to share that Amy has a lovely Etsy store called Palmetto Princess Boutique.  She brought along for my girls some of the most adorable outfits for them to wear this fall.  I cannot wait to get them on the girls and have a photo session….be looking for that post but in the meantime, head on over and see what you must have for yourself ;-)

bailey bailey5 bailey6 bailey2

Portrait Parties I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

There are home parties for candles, jewelry, makeup and cookware– but now is your chance to host a home party that is truly unique! Portrait Parties are a fun way to have beautiful professional images of your children, family and friends in an affordable way.

Quality professional portraits are something that you and your guests will treasure for a lifetime.

The event takes place at your home or on your property, where the children are comfortable and natural. The host invites 4-6 families to the party for their own 15 minute mini portrait session and for their hard work, enjoys a their own portrait rewards. It is a low stress, no pressure and really fun opportunity to have beautiful portraits made, while catching up with friends.

There Are NO SESSION FEES And NO SELLING Will Occur At The Party

Available dates fill up quickly, since portrait parties are limited to only one a month. If you are interested in hosting a Portrait Party please contact me as soon as possible! Contact me to look at several prospective dates. We’ll get you everything you need to know to have a super successful party. After the first party you will be well on your way to becoming a portrait party junkie!

And of course a post wouldn’t be complete without an example of a party so here is one of my most recent.  Thanks to all of those who attended and a special thanks to Ginger for hosting…enjoy!!!







Mommy and Me I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

I was thrilled when Kendra called to schedule a fall appointment for she and her daughter, Abby.  They drove in from Charlotte and had a full day of fun with a morning portrait session, lunch with a friend and a visit with grandparents.  I simply love their red hair and Abby’s sweet initial shyness that turned into the sweetest of smiles.  I really enjoyed this session and wanted to share a few of my favorites.  Enjoy your sneak peak and much love to you both…I look forward to our next time together ;-) .


abby copy



He Is Here, Meet Jackson I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

jp jp1 jp3

Little Man “Jackson” Is On The Way I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

This was such an amazing couple and really some of the nicest people I have had the privilege of getting to know. When the time came for Sara’s maternity session, they had a pretty clear idea about who they wanted to share it with. They chose to have the grandmother and aunt-to-be to share in the fun and even pop into a few photos themselves. It’s always a good idea to personalize your session with details and add in the people who are most meaningful to you. The photos will result in a memory that you will cherish even more and I highly recommend it. I loved hanging out with this crew. I couldn’t have asked for a prettier day! Here are some of my favorites from our time together.