Welcome Lanie I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

A Baby is a Blessing

A Gift from Heaven above
A Precious Little Angel
To Cherish and to Love.

A wee bit of heaven
drifted down from above-
A handful of happiness,
a heart full of love.

The mystery of life,
so sacred and sweet-
The giver of joy
so deep and complete.

Precious and priceless,
so lovable, too-
The world’s sweetest miracle,
baby, is you.
~Helen Steiner Rice~






Blessed with Babes I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

2013 is proving to be a busy time for me in the baby department. Babies truly are the greatest of miracles!!! It is a blessing to me that these moms and dads entrust me to capture the beauty of their child/children. I love it when these same parents choose to purchase my “Watch Me Grow” package too so that I have the opportunity to watch their little ones grow and develop throughout the first year of their lives. The next few post will be of some of the babes I have photographed just since the beginning of the year….enjoy!!! First up, Baby Atticus, from head to toe!!! You’ve gotta love the faux~hawk!!!!