Sweet Moments I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

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Baby Braxxon I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

Braxxon was born on April 10 and I was able to photograph this sweet little fella at about 14 days old.  He seemed to be a sweet, healthy looking baby boy!!! However much to everyones surprise the following week at home, he began having serious complications. He was admitted to Mission Hospital, and later transferred to Duke Medical Center. After many tests it was revealed that little Braxxon had a brain aneurysm and soon faced an eight-hour surgery just days later.  The Pittman Family spent the next days watching their sweet new baby boy fight for his life.  A special fund for Braxxon has also been set up at the State Employees Credit Union. To donate at the Marion location, see Tonya Brown. To donate at the Old Fort location, see Jessica Pittman. All donations will be used for Braxxon’s medical expenses.  For more information about how you can help this family, please also contact Amy Dowdle at 828-460-6486.

Baby Braxxon is currently home and seems to be improving daily.  Please keep this family in your prayers, this little man is truly one of God’s Miracles!!!!


Baby Alexander I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

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Mr. and Mrs. Roach I Amber Wiseman, WNC Photographer

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